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Please sign up for purchase of hand role laver wrap-up products (PCT/JP 2010/059039) of FUJIMASA CO.,LTD, agreeing the five articles described below by the company.

FUJIMASA CO.,LTD (372-1, Nakasu, Suwa city, Nagano prefecture, Japan, hereafter ‘Party A’) produces hand role laver wrap-up products (PCT/JP 20101059039, hereafter, ‘Products’).
Customers buy Products produced by Party A (hereafter ‘Customers’).

Article 1 When Customers find defective Products, Customers should immediately notice to Party A regarding the defection before Customers produce their own products by using Products.

Article 2 Party A exempt from any kinds of responsibilities which are caused after Party A supplies Products to Customers.

Article 3 Regarding hand role laver wrap-up products, Customers buy only Products produced by Party A, and never buy Products produced by third parties.

Article 4 This contract is applied to Party A and Customers within the term of validity of the patent of Product.

Article 5 When Customers agree Article 1 ,2, 3 and 4, Party A and Customers begin to negotiate in detail agreement.

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Do you agree with the five articles described above by Fujimasa Co., LTD?


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